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played using laptop. i cant say how lovely is this game, i think everyone in the comment should have mention everything i need to tell

we satisfied the god eventually :D

I already knew it was going to be great, but I was surprised at how well done the levels are, teaching you new tricks along the way. My favourite level was the 13th, with the little airlock you have to do to get the right pieces at the start.

Of course the art is really great and very efficient. This is a professional game right there.

Congrats on the medals in advance haha

Amazing, This game is soooooo polished it's ridiculous. Like seriously in three days guys!? Good job.

The Game is great, I had a lot of fun playing it. Also great sound design. Regards !

A deceptively head-cracking puzzler. You can easily “know” the solution by looking at the blocks, but getting them into place is the real trick, and I love it for it.


The whole game feels like one of those frustrating slide puzzles, but with an actual fun methodology to them, with very limited space to maneuver to get everything into place. The mix of the gorgeous artwork, the tribal-esque music and clever levels make this a top-notch entry.

By far, my favorite detail is how the sacrifices scream as they get close to the pit. That’s the kind of polish that really outstands. Fascinating job!

The Whales and Games were looking forward to check this out since the game was announced. We’re looking forward to seeing where else will this team head in the future!