Kick Or Treat 1.1 is out !

We finally had time to update our jam game, Kick or Treat !

1.1.0 Additions

  • Voices and sound effects
  • Screen shakes
  • Particles
  • Highscores are now stored
  • French localization
  • Loading screen 

1.1.0 Changes

  • The game now runs in endless mode instead of 90 seconds sessions
  • Graphics optimisation
  • As the game is now endless, you will lose a life if the door closes
  • The door closes faster as the game progresses
  • Two children couldn't appear because of code issues, that's now fixed!
  • Press Escape when you're playing to return to the title screen
  • Press F to toggle fullscreen on/off

Mac and Linux builds coming soon!


[Android] Kick Or Treat.apk 44 MB
Dec 10, 2018
[Windows] Kick Or 38 MB
Dec 10, 2018

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